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Calculating the Value of a Project Management Methodology - Value Scorecard - This paper contains different metrics and  examples to help you determine the value of a project management methodology in both monetary and non-monetary terms.

Comparison of the TenStep Process to the PMBOK® Guide Third Edition® - The PMBOK® Guide contains a lot of valuable information, but it is not a methodology that you can utilize to manage a project directly. This paper will help you determine how the TenStep Project Management Process relates to the PMBOK® Guide.

The Complete Book of Project-Related Terms and Definitions - Mysteries Explained - Have you ever been unsure about the meaning of a project related term? Do you want to talk more intelligently with your clients and managers? If you don't know suppliers from sponsors, or if you just want a refresher, this handy reference tool is the book for you.

Layman's Guide to Earned Value - Earned Value is a good way for a project manager to understand how far along the project is in more precise terms than "we are prety close to schedule" or "we are about half-way done."  This paper will give you a basic overview of Earned Value.

Learn How to Set Up and Run a Project Management Office - If the PMO is established with a clear vision, strong sponsorship and a solid approach, it can be a vehicle for creating a tremendous amount of value for the company. This paper will show you how.

Minimizing the Risk Associated with Project Rescue - By their nature, project rescues are very risky. There is a lot that can go wrong and if you are not careful, the rescue can be dragged under just as the original project was. This paper describes five rules that will help you manage these risks successfully.

Project Management Summary of Best Practices - Organizations today expect projects to finish better, faster, and cheaper.  The only way that this can be achieved is by using effective project management processes and techniques.  This paper will briefly guide you through a number of Best Practices to help you successfully manage a project.

Rescuing Troubled Projects - Although many projects end with some degree of success, most project managers have been on projects that were less than successful.  This paper will help you get a struggling project back on track.

The Reuse Environment - A Promise Unfulfilled - Of all the revolutions that promised to speed business application development over the past thirty years, the one that made the most intuitive sense was the object-oriented (OO), or reuse, paradigm. It’s a great idea! Then why isn’t your company doing it? This paper contains tips on how to successfully implement this idea in your organization.

Selecting a Portfolio Management Consultant - When your organization decides to take a look at portfolio management, a fundamental question arises as to whether you have enough expertise in-house or whether you will need to find some outside help to assist. If you decide to bring in outside help, this paper can help.   

Setting Up and Enforcing Organizational Policies - When companies are small, they rarely have many (if any) formal policies in place. However, as they get bigger they always start to codify many of the important aspects of the culture into formal policies. This paper describes the importance of policies and how to make them work for your organization.

TenStep Trifold - Interested in learning more about the TenStep Project Management Process?  Would you like a quick, one-page reference guide to the TenStep methodology?  The TenStep trifold contains basic information about TenStep and an easy-to-follow overview of each step. (2007-07) *New*

Unleash the Value of Project Management in Your Organization - Even though most managers understand that there is a value to project management, many have trouble articulating the value proposition. The exact argument for deploying common project management practices is going to be different from company to company because every company has a unique culture and unique problems. However, the general value proposition for project management is described in this white paper.

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