TenStep Personal Edition eBook

The TenStep Personal Edition e-book represents a sub-set of the entire TenStep Project Management Process. It is available for individuals to download to read about the basic TenStep model and take with them or print for further reference.

This e-book focuses on how to apply TenStep to medium-sized projects. This level provides a sufficient detail to understand the TenStep model, but would not contain the rigor that might be needed on a large project. Individuals and companies can purchase a license to the TenStep process to have access to the full content that would be appropriate on large projects.

If you download this Personal Edition e-book, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • The content may not be republished without the expressed permission of TenStep, Inc., except in accordance with "fair-use" provisions.

  • A license is required to utilize the TenStep process on a company-wide or organization-wide basis.

  • A license is required to utilize the TenStep process as the basis for a project management methodology that you will customize for your company.

  • An individual or company must purchase a license to use the TenStep process content directly or indirectly to generate revenue.  For instance, a license is needed in the following instances:

    • The content is used by an instructor in any setting (for profit, academic, company).

    • The content is used by a consultant or on any engagement when a fee is paid.

    • The content is used by an individual or company that wants to repackage or resell the material.

Licenses are inexpensive, and the pricing is scalable to meet the needs of small, medium and large companies. See www.TenStep.com for more details.

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