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This page contains papers that provide additional content of interest to project managers and instructors. This content will increase your exposure into training and education concepts and ideas. All of these documents are in PDF format.

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A, B,C D and then E-Learning!


Action Learning

All About Training Design Documents

Attention! Learn at Ease!

Believe It or Not

Best Laid Lessons

The Big Meal Combo!

Bird in Hand

Bon Voyage!

(2007-10) Buddies! *New*

Campaigns Across Countries

(2007-12) Can't Measure, Can't Manage! *New*

Car Racing as Experiential Learning

Cartoon Network

Case Studies

(2007-12) Centralized or Decentralized Learning? *New*

CIO's and Senior Managers also Need to Constantly Retool Their Skills

Computer-Based Training Basics

Consultants and Employees Have Many Options for Skills Training

Corporate Coaches

Corporate Storytellers

Cross Training

Dimensions of Computer-Based Training 

The Do's of Training

Don't be Afraid to Train Your Experienced Developers in Newer Technologies

E-Mythical Monsters


Easing Trainer Transition

(2007-11) Employee Development = Ensured Organizational Success *New*

Employing Metaphors in Training

Engaged to e-Learning

Experiential Learning

Exploring for Experience

The Fifth Discipline

Growth of Distance Learning

Haute Couture

Hey! There is Fun Learning  


(2007-10) In the Middle of Development *New*

Informal Learning in the Workplace

(2007-12) Inter'rational' Learning *New*

(2007-11) Intrapreneurs Are What Dreams Are Made Of! *New*

Knowledge Dissemination

Lean Learning

Learn How to Retool Your Staff in Web Technology

Learning: In Context

Learning "Additives"

(2007-10) Learning Maturity Models *New*

Learning Technology

The Lethal Combo!

Long, Long Ago...

Management Trainee Program

Media-Based Training

Mentoring Disabilities

Ninteeen to a Dozen

(2007-11) No Training Department? No Sweat! *New*

On Saying Sorry

The One-Armed Swordsman

An Ounce of Training is Worth a Pound of Cure

Penny Wise, Pound Wiser

A Potent Portal of Education

PM00.00 Project Management Preparation for Success Overview 

PM00.50 Project Management ... for Executives

PM02.25 Project Estimating Overview 

PM07.00 Project Risk Management Overview  

PM09.00 Project Quality Management Overview

Poles Apart

(2007-09) Professionally Speaking *New*

The Pros and Con-texts of Learning

Pros and Cons of Experiential Learning

Provide Quick Learning Events Through a Lunch and Learn Program

Risky Business


ROI of e-Learning

'Role'ing Stones

Rollercoaster Training

Safety e-Learning

Secrets of CBT

Seeing is Believing

Sharing Knowledge

Simple Simon Solutions

Six Elements

Spiderman Spiderman!

Staff Orientation - Getting off on the Right Foot!

Story Telling in Training - Train the Trainer

A System for Systems!

Take Responsibility for Your Own Personal and Professional Development

Themes Add Life and Fun to Online Classes

To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Stake

Trainer Avatar

Trainer Savvy 

Training x Training

Training Busy Managers

The Training Carrot

Training or Education?

(2007-11) The Transformation! *New*

The Two W's of Training Failure

Up and About with eLearning

Untrained Supervisors Could Prove Detrimental  


(2007-10) What an Experience! *New*

Who Benefits from WBT?

The Wonders and Blunders of Training Outsourcing

Workplace Safety Checklist