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Instructor Licenses


The TenStep Training Library includes many, many project management and related classes. The material is designed for stand-up training classes and includes PowerPoint slides, instructor notes, group exercises and case studies. This material can be taught as-is, or used as the basis for a custom class that you develop.

Please visit the TenStep Training Library to see the classes and related material that will be available to you. 

There are three major licensing scenarios where training may be involved.

  1. Internal training within a company. This option requires a company license for the TenStep process. If you purchase a company license, you can use the training material internally at no additional cost. No separate licensing is needed. 

  2. Academic classes. These classes could be at the university level or some sort of technical or business setting. The instructor is usually a member of the learning institution and is paid on salary, with the class fees paid to the academic institution. In many cases, the license fee can be paid for by your academic institution.

  3. Classes for profit. Consultants and companies are welcome to utilize the TenStep process training material as the basis for formal classes or seminars that you teach for profit. There is an up-front licensing fee, plus a small royalty when the class is taught.

Buy in confidence with our exclusive money-back 30-day guarantee!

All TenStep instructor licenses are $699 per year (yearly renewal is optional).  Licensed instructors will also owe a royalty fee of 8% of earnings on for-profit classes taught using TenStep training material.  All royalties collected during the year will be deducted from the next year's $699 fee.

If you are interested in more information about a TenStep Instructor license, please fill out the form below.  

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