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Browse License


A browse license is perfect for people who want access to the premium content of the TenStep process but who are not using the content in consulting or training engagements. This license allows you to browse and download premium TenStep material, and is perfect for students, company employees and others who want to improve their project management knowledge and skills.

A browse license allows you to gain access to all of the TenStep process. Plus, you get access to the premium libraries full of hundreds of PDF supplemental papers. These libraries include the PM Corner Library, Quality Corner, HR Corner, Management Corner and Education Corner libraries. 

All of this is available for only $119 USD.

(Current LifecycleStep browse users receive 50% off!).
After the first year you can renew for only $79 USD.

Look in a bookstore. The first year price is about the same as the price of one or two project management books.


Add TenStep PB (www.TenStepPB.com), our TenStep content in the PMBOK® Guide framework, for an additional $20. This option, for $139 total, also includes access to TenStep PB, with all of our TenStep process content in the PMBOK® Guide framework. After the first year, you can renew for only $89 USD. 

Buy in confidence with our exclusive money-back 30-day guarantee!

There is a quick three-step process to purchase a browse license.

  1. Review the standard TenStep Browse License at Browse License Agreement. (Please note that this license does not give you the ability to use the TenStep Project Management process on consulting engagements or in a classroom setting. This is a full browse license only.)

  2. Complete the form below to register with us and to acknowledge your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

  3. Submit payment through our secure credit card payment page. You will automatically be taken to our purchasing page after you submit the license agreement below. If you have purchased a LifecycleStep browse license, enter your username in the coupon code box to receive a 50% discount. (If you would like to pay by check, you will have that option as well.)

That's it! After you have paid by credit card, you will download your username and password right away.

  TenStep, Inc. Browse Registration Form

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country. If so, we will contact them in case you need any local assistance.

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Regular TenStep license ($119 USD) or  
TenStep PB license ($139 USD)

How did you hear about us?  

Enter your name, address and any additional comments or questions in the space below:

Please note that this browse license requires an initial payment. If you do not intend to make payment, there is no reason to complete this license form.

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