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Gathering Business Requirements

Click here to download this overview as a pdf.

Projects must meet the needs and expectations of the clients to be successful. These client needs and expectations are set through the gathering and agreement on the requirements of the final solution. Gathering requirements usually requires more than asking a few questions and then building the solution. Projects with any degree of complexity need a formal process to ensure that all of the requirements are accurately gathered, reviewed, documented and approved.  


  • None

Learning Objectives

At the end of this class, participants should be able to:

  • Understand a project, the Systems Development Life Cycle and the Analysis Phase

  • Align requirements to a project scope, objectives and deliverables

  • Recognize various types of requirements and explain them

  • Determine the business areas that should be understood before eliciting requirements

  • Demonstrate multiple techniques for eliciting business requirements

  • Effectively validate the requirements

  • Document business requirements so that they are understood by the project team and business clients

  • Verify that the Analysis Phase is complete and correct

Who Should Attend

  • Analysts, project managers and team members that gather and document requirements

  • Managers that need to understand the Analysis Phase and the requirements process

  • Clients, customers and all stakeholders that provide requirements

Course Outline

  • Overview

  • Scope definition and scope management

  • Requirements definition

  • Current state analysis

  • Requirements - Elicitation

  • Requirements - Validation

  • Requirements - Specification

  • Requirements - Verification

There are numerous exercises to reinforce the concepts taught in the class.

Class Length

  • Two and a half days