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Document Review Service

Click here to download this overview as a pdf.

Some of the most important deliverables on a project are the project management and lifecycle documents that provide the roadmap for what you are doing and help to manage expectations. These important documents include:

  • Project Definition (Charter)

  • Project Management Procedures

  • Business Requirements Report

  • Communication Plan

  • Training Strategy and Plan

  • Many others …

These important documents (and others) set the parameters of the project and establish the joint expectations of the project manager, project team and the sponsor. It is important that the appropriate documents be produced, and it is critical that they be clear and concise. Producing the appropriate project documentation is great. However, if the documents are of poor quality, you are not going to get the benefits that you expect.  

TenStep, Inc. provides a service to help make your project management and lifecycle documentation clear, concise and accurate. Get your project off on the right track and put our expertise to work for you. This review service is especially valuable when third-party vendors are involved, since poorly written documentation may end up costing you significant amounts of time and money.

You receive the following information from our review process.

  • An overall critique of the document, its appearance and overall readability.

  • Specific feedback on each section of your document, including comments on the clarity of the information and feedback on whether the content appears to address what is expected in the section.

  • Ideas that could improve the document further.  

  • Up to two rounds of review and feedback, so that you can make changes based on our first recommendation and submit the modified document for a second review.

The cost of this service is only $20.00 USD per document page.  (For example, a ten-page Project Definition would cost $200.00 USD.)

 Poor project documents can cost your project tens of thousands of dollars in confusion, misunderstanding and rework. Have your documents reviewed today, and receive piece of mind.