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Project Audits

Click here to download this overview as a pdf.

Many organizations have difficulty delivering projects. Part of the reason is that managers and sponsors have a hard time understanding the true state of a project. In many cases, the project runs independently until it becomes obvious that there are problems with schedule, cost or quality. At that point (when it is obvious) it is usually too late to meet the original expectations.

Project audits can help determine the true state of a project, and whether the project looks to be on track to finish successfully. Audits can also specifically point out whether good project management rigor and structure is in place.

This second point is very important – perhaps more so than the first.

If the project manager has a good foundation (Project Definition (Charter) and

if the project manager has a grasp of the schedule and budget required to complete the work and

if the project manager is proactively managing schedule, budget, risk, scope, quality, communication, etc.

there is a high probability that the project will be successful.

In addition to understanding the state of individual projects, an ongoing project auditing service can help an organization better understand whether standard project management processes are being followed. If they are not, it may highlight the need for additional training, reinforcement of the standards and stronger governance.

If we help you establish an internal auditing capability, you will receive:

  • An auditing process customized to meet your needs.

  • Coaching and training for the people that will be conducting the audits.

If we conduct independent project audits, you will receive:

  • Completed questionnaires for the project manager and team members that were interviewed

  • An overall assessment of how your project management practices are being applied.

  • An overall assessment of the health of the project, including areas for improvement.

Project auditing can help you assess the current state of a project, and tells you if your project management processes are being followed.  We can help you understand whether everything is on-track or if you should be worried.

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